Sunday, November 12, 2017


To the eyes of the urban street bike rider,
flat track racing seems likes it's from another world.
It's like the first time a city boy is around 
horses or bulls at a rodeo.
They realize real quick these animals can hurt you.
A flat track bike  may not have front brakes  or
the horsepower of a MotoGP bike but it's
every bit as lethal.
The fact is there are more fatalities in flat track than MotoGP.
It's the dark side we don't talk about.

"How do you race with no front brakes?"
My sportbike friends were shocked when 
I started flat track racing.
"You guys are batshit crazy!

Over the limit w/Henry WIles #17

#69 Slammin Sam on the run....Carver under the guardrail

Carver being captured by JVH

So why are we crazy...
Is it because we seem constantly over the limit?
With sportbikes, you rarely get out of shape in the turns.
But with flat track,  you're sliding every corner, every lap.
Nothing like road racing where you want to keep your wheels inline.
It's constant attack mode from the green light.
We're not afraid of contact or getting in close.
Yeah, there is bumping and banging.
Swing wide and the walls are in your face.
The lack of runoff can be daunting stuff  for street bike guys,
But once you raced flat track, 
the street bike/track day shit seems boring.

Is there honor among thieves?
Agro on track but family in the pits.
Contact and closeness but where is the line?
"You can bump 'em but ya can't knock'em down."

Typical straightforward flat tracker speak.
It is no big deal either.
Giving or getting.
It's a cowboy life....

Fast Guy Chad Cose #49