Monday, January 1, 2018


Can a sentence in a motorcycle magazine change your life?
Sure, the sleek machine on the cover caught my eye.
The racy tagline dazzled.
But no time to read now, 
I was running late for work.

Off to lunch with that issue under my arm.
Just like any other workday.
Bike magazines are the thing of dreams.
They save me from the monotony of my day job.

Over a sandwich,
Flipping through the pages,
Scoping the latest eye candy.
Skimming the articles, 
one line just sucker punched me.
I had to feel it.
I wanted to be part of it.

"Yet, in the flat crawl space of the 
bike's cockpit, the Hurricane pilot can still
find refuge at 161 miles per hour".

Anyone could do a hundred,
but one-sixty was the thin air of the elite.
The magazine said it was the 
fastest road machine of the day. (April 1987)
This starship Hurricane made my
BMW R65 look like a Cessna.
Its rounded lines had an 
Art Deco feel that gave 
an air of graceful speed.
I sold the Beemer 
and took out a loan.
The Hurricane was mine.

Why do we buy motorcycles?
Is it all some silly fantasy or dream.
Whatever the reason, 
it makes us spend money.
To my friends in the industry:
Sell the sizzle, sell the dream.

Friday, December 15, 2017


You're nothing but an adrenaline junkie.
Her voice was filled with contempt.
I felt dirty...and not in a good way.
Your casual view on politics offend me.
I don't see us going on.
I mean,
we can have sex,
but we can't be friends.
There was nothing for me to say.
I pulled up my jeans and
headed to the motorcycle show.

It's easy to lose yourself in the Big Apple.
I thought she was the one.
The last few months had been epic:
the texting and sexting were non-stop.
Both of us lived for motorcycling.
Our goal was to head west and
set up a place together in the desert.

I stopped for black coffee and 
reflected on my decisions.
A few nights earlier, I spoke about
racing flat track at Timonium.
Why would you ever consider 
racing there again? 
With typical male bravado,
I replied "hashtag not afraid".
I meant to be charming,
but her face said it all.

Then she started talking politics.
I respect people's rights
and freedom of choice.
I believe in being honest.
I try to do what's right
versus what feels good.
I was dumb enough to
believe love conquers all.

Was I an adrenaline junkie?
I dusted off an old photo of my YZF750R.
Yeah, she wasn't pretty but
her moves were sublime.
She was the finest machine I
had ridden up to that point.
Every time I took her out I felt like a hero.
She pitched me off the high side
at the top of 3rd gear.
The bike bounced off a retaining wall then into
a watery ditch-very totaled.
I got carted off with broken ribs, left elbow, and concussion.
Next a photo of my FZ700, yeah I lost the front end
in the wet and got a broken left arm and more broken ribs.
Honda 750-4, big off at speed resulting in
getting helicoptered into a trauma unit.
The list of broken machines and bones goes on.

I am what I am:
a motorcycle riding, flat track racing cowboy.
Paul said someday I'll meet her.
But maybe that's not what I'm geared for.

I'm heading back to Timonium for redemption.
The walls and concrete are unforgiving.
It's like going fast in a tunnel.
Strangely, I feel at peace here.
What do I feel on the track going fast?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

(Thank-You to Amy Lorraine & Paul for the encouragement-photos courtesy of Indian Motorcycles, Len Beech/Lumiere Images/John Lawless)



Saturday, December 9, 2017


Nothing screams "I'm into good times and motorcycles like a highways jacket!"
Brando as Johnny

Marlon Brando catapulted the highway jacket
to fame when he swaggered across the screen
in"The Wild Ones'.
Since then the highway jacket is  a
favorite of bad-asses everywhere.

Crystal in the Viking Nomad Jacket

It's a red badge of courage for
bikers and media stars.
And has withstood the 
fickle winds of fashion.

'Vogue' declared this jacket
will always be in style.
Truly an American classic that
traces its roots to New York circa 1928.

The jacket has endured the test of
time because it flat out works.
It has a magic mix of
functionality and style.

Snap the lapels into summer
mode for decent airflow.
Batten down the hatches using the
belt to snug things up on colder days.
Order upsized to squeeze in a hoodie or heated vent.
It is a good all-purpose jacket
that works well under many conditions.
Rugged, stylish and built to last.

I spent a lot of time in my youth wearing one.
Tearing around the streets and in the bars.
Burning down the night.
More than once it doubled
as my blanket on the road.
Viking Bags has a good version called
the "Nomad" at a good price point.
Got a biker or rock star to be on
your Christmas List? 
See Viking Bag :

Marc Maquez#93

Thursday, December 7, 2017


You never know who you will run into at the IMS Show.
Matt Lynn of Alta Motors raced MV Agusta Superbikes for 
Fast by Ferracci.  Love that Alta Street Tracker!
Slick BMW C400 X
MV-Timeless Beauty


Sexy Aprilia

NYPD have eyes on the MV

Traveling to New York City can be daunting for some suburbanites.
But the Jacob Javits Center is quite easy to get to.
Pull out of the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan and you're there. 
Hit a world-class motorcycle show 
and enjoy all that Manhattan has to offer.
Fantastic food, funky fashion & more fun.
The Big Apple is always a good time.

The Amazing new Indian FTR-Flat Track for the street?

The New Twin!
WSB Champ-Kawasaki
One off  Suzuki-part SV/part V Strom
Why go to a Internation Motorcycle Show?
Because manufacturers launch new
models and bring out the unobtainium. 
Kawasaki came out swinging
with four new models.
Indian had the flat track inspired FTR1200.
Royal Enfield's new twin.
And the list of amazing machines goes on and on.
Yes, it is a day well spent and worth the trip.

Friday, December 1, 2017



The new Kawasaki Z900RS.
Gotta love all that retro goodness
wrapped up in a modern motorcycle.
And with modern motorcycles comes
modern brakes and modern reliability.
Kawasaki has gone all out
to tap into its rich history.
Tons of clever details.
They are quite proud of the new
exhaust tuned to give the correct exhaust note.
Riders love a motorcycle with just the right sound.
And the big four-cylinder engine should
have plenty of power especially down low.
I have not had the pleasure of riding this bike but
it feels much smaller and lighter than
your average big bike.
Hope to report more as time rolls by...

Ground Zero-the record-setting Z1



The 2018 Ninja 400 is
14 pounds lighter than the Ninja 300.
That is what you should keep in mind.
Everyone knows less weight and more
displacement equals big fun.
The Ninja 400 is a fresh design.
From its shark like nose to
the cool finned tail section.
Love the cut out triple tree
and slimmer fuel tank too.

Dig the Tailfins


Saturday, November 25, 2017


photo by Jason Bravo

A pack of 450 singles came ripping by me,
mere inches away.
The sound was deafening.
The air heavy with burnt race fuel.
Tires howling under protest as the riders
battle through the corners.
I'm overwhelmed by the intense
action on the track.

Why isn't  this type of racing popular everywhere?

Several years earlier, I got this idea on the long drive
home from my first indoor race. 

Why not bring this show to Philadelphia?
Show flat track to a new inner-city world.
Maybe inspire the wheelie boys to try sliding sideways on track.
Make it more than just racing.
Stage it indoor and take weather out of the equation.
No commentators...We'll just hire a DJ.
My man City was on deck. 
Yeah, he liked the concept.
I spoke to the seriously quick guys at Timonium.
Rider security and safety a priority.
Are you in? 
Hell Yeah!  
Subcontract out adult beverages etc.
They bet on horses right? 
Live video with plenty of on-bike camera work.
Flat track meets the fast and the furious crew.
The editor of the bike magazine  I use to write for liked the idea.
The event would be a party with flat track racing center stage. 
I never got to pull the trigger on the idea.
It would have been a night to remember.

phot by Ryan Henderson
photo by Len Breech